House Committee Releases Findings On Banks Combing Customer Data


Jim Jordan, House Judiciary Chair (R-OH), is hitting hard by coming at the federal government’s financial crimes policies to speak with former Director of the Office of Stakeholder Integration and Engagement in the Strategic Operations Division of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), Noah Bishoff. This move comes after troubling documents were released detailing how banks were instructed by federal officials to look for any transactions by patrons that included the terms “TRUMP” or “MAGA.”

But it doesn’t stop there. Bishoff was also asked to provide evidence of any financial transactions with keywords such as “Bible” or “Bass Pro Shop.” That’s right, the federal government was apparently flagging transactions for something as harmless as purchasing a religious text or shopping at an outdoor retailer.

The government isn’t even trying to hide its overreach anymore – in a time when Americans are already feeling the effects of Big Brother constantly watching, FinCEN is now urging banks to sift through their customers’ personal transactions and flag them for expressing political or religious beliefs. This is a blatant violation of our constitutional rights and must be stopped.

As if that wasn’t enough, it was also revealed that the FBI requested information from Bank of America on individuals who may have been in Washington, D.C. around January 6, 2021, and whether they had purchased a firearm in the last six months. This overreaching fishing expedition is a clear indication of the government’s intrusion into our private lives.

It’s clear that the federal government is weaponizing financial institutions to surveil and target law-abiding citizens based on their political beliefs and lawful purchases. What happened to privacy and individual freedoms?

And let’s not forget about the use of vague and ambiguous terms like “extremism” and “violence” to justify this unconstitutional behavior. It’s no surprise that FinCEN has adopted a broad definition of these terms, targeting Americans who simply support their Second Amendment rights or exercise their freedom of religion.

The American people deserve answers and accountability from FinCEN and the FBI. The fact that our own government is actively targeting law-abiding citizens based on their political beliefs is alarming and undermines the pillars of our democratic society. This financial surveillance must come to an end.

Thanks to the efforts of Chair Jordan and others, the truth is coming to light and actions can be taken to protect our constitutional rights. Let’s hope that Bishoff and other officials can provide answers and assure the American people that their freedoms are not being infringed upon by their own government.