Fireworks Fly During House Hearings


Democrat Congresswoman Summer Lee (D-PA) was trying to insult a GOP witness during testimony about men competing against women in sports and it didn’t end up going well for her.

Riley Gaines appeared before the House to testify and Lee made all kinds of accusations against Gaines.

For those who don’t know, Gaines has been a powerhouse and has become an activist after the Penn swim team controversy.

After being accused of being transphobic by Lee, Gaines through Democrats into an uproar by using their own woke words against them.

Riley said that Democrats are misogynists.

Lee didn’t know what to do and huddled with lawmakers.

After the huddle, Lee leaned into the microphone to demand that Gaines’s comments be removed from the record.

That wasn’t the only fireworks in Congress, Presidents of Harvard, MIT, and Penn testified over the recent protests on campus and…well…just watch.

There was also a dust up in the Senate as well.