Harris Finally Breaks Silence on Border…But Says Problem is ACTUALLY Due To…


For the last month, Vice President Kamala Harris has been the point person for the border crisis, as declared by Joe Biden.

This in and of itself conjured a conflicting message for the administration, with Biden having already suggested that the growing humanitarian crisis was actually a routine, “seasonal” surge.

Now, after thirty days with no press conferences or statement as the border czar, Harris is finally addressing the issue…sort of.

Vice President Kamala Harris used a meeting Thursday to argue climate change is a root cause of migration from Central American countries.

“We are looking at extensive storm damage because of extreme climate, we’re looking at drought,” Harris said.

Harris met with foundation leaders on the ongoing migrant crisis as people from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala flood the Southern border through Mexico.

Because of the changing climate, Harris argued, people in the region faced a struggling agriculture industry, food scarcity, food insecurity, and extreme poverty.

“Again, we’re looking at the issue of climate resiliency, and then the concern about the lack of economic opportunity,” she said.

The move seems to be a desperate plea to get the radical left on board with immigration reform, (which they are notoriously against), by dangling the carrot of climate change in front of their faces.

Unfortunately for the administration, the transparency of the stunt is far too glaring to be overlooked.