Governor Admits Defeat, Says It’s Impossible to Enforce Thanksgiving COVID Rules


As the kids in the 90’s used to say:  No duh.

With Thanksgiving a mere three days away at this point, there is a very real concern among health experts that indoor, tight-quarters gathering could spur the spread of COVID-19 in a tragic and untimely manner.  This is why the CDC has suggested that no one travel for Turkey Day, and that families utilize technological tools such as Zoom or FaceTime to make gathering safe and easy.

Some local officials have even gone so far as to create and implement laws meant to limit the amount of people who can legally gather in your home over the holidays.

New Mexico Governor Lujan Grisham recently appeared on PBS to speak about these ordinances, and just how impossible they would be to enforce. 

“NewsHour” Senior National Correspondent Amna Nawaz asked, “You’re asking people in New Mexico to limit their gatherings to five. How do you begin to enforce that?”

Grisham responded, “So, you ask one of the most important questions. You can’t enforce that. There is no way, anywhere in the country, we’re going to be able to say, look, you brought another household together. There [were] ten of you having Thanksgiving dinner. But we are hopeful that people will really take heed.”

In other states with newly-imposed coronavirus restrictions, such as New York, a number of local law enforcement officials have come forward to say that they simply would not be enforcing such measures.