GOP Turns on Trump: ‘Important’ He’s Not the Nominee in 2024

Donald Trump isn’t going anywhere, at least if you were to listen to the statements that have been coming out of Mar-a-Lago as of late, but not everyone within the GOP is happy about that.

Trump’s most recent public appearances included a fiery speech at CPAC, where the former President all but guaranteed that he would be running for office yet again, quipping that he would just have to “beat them a third time” – a reference to the 2020 election that he still maintains was stolen from him.

But there are plenty of Republicans who aren’t keen on the idea of Trump rejoining the political fray, and they aren’t afraid to make that clear.

House Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) said Monday it is unlikely that former President Donald Trump will serve as the Republican nominee for president in 2024.

“I don’t think that that’s going to happen,” Cheney told the Washington Examiner. “And I think it’s important that it not happen, given what he did.”

Cheney, one of ten House Republicans who voted to impeach President Trump on the charge of inciting a riot on January 6, said she “certainly would never vote for a Democrat” and stated she does not believe Trump “should be president again.”

When asked by the New York Post if she would consider a run for president in 2024, Cheney said, “I’m not ruling anything in or out — I’ve been here a long time.”

Trump recently told Sean Hannity during an interview that he was considering another fun for President “beyond seriously”, but stopped just shy of admitting that it was a certainty.