GOP Overrides Governors Veto


The Republicans have the majority in the Louisiana state legislature and have busted a veto from Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards.

Edwards vetoed a bill called the “Stop Harming Our Kids Act,” which was designed to regulate transgender procedures for children.

The Louisiana House voted 75-23 to override the veto that included six Democrats joining Republicans.

“Today was a huge win for the children of Louisiana! I’m proud of my colleagues in the state legislature for standing up to protect the children of our great state. We made it clear today that our children are worth fighting for. This great victory would not have been possible without the prayers and support of parents, grandparents, pastors, and grassroots organizations from around the state who rose up and declared with one voice that ‘No one in Louisiana has the right to harm a child’. God Bless the families of our beautiful state!” Louisiana Republican Rep. Gabe Firment, the sponsor of the legislation, wrote in a statement.

“This bill was ground zero for the veto session and will show up in every single race this year in Louisiana. The legislature sent a historic message, loud and clear, that in Louisiana, children are off limits. Anyone thinking about running for office here should take note,” Baton Rouge based Republican strategist Lionel Rainey III told reporters.

“In most years, Legislators have treated veto override sessions as optional. This year, the Legislature agreed with LFF that an override was obligatory, especially with the health and welfare of children at stake. The Legislature sent a clear message to those who seek to harm children for profit – ‘Access denied …. to Louisiana children!’ We are deeply grateful to each lawmaker who moved to Protect Louisiana Children. Now, it’s time to move forward in providing safe and effective mental health treatments for children who struggle with gender dysphoria,” Mills said in a statement.

Edwards responded to the veto by condemning Republicans for not negotiating.

Republicans in Kentucky, North Carolina, and now Lousiana are passing conservative legislation despite having Democrat governors.