GOP Congressman Makes Strong Allegation


The shady and corrupt January 6 Committee is back in the news, and this time they’re pulling out all the stops in their efforts to cover up the truth. According to Republican Congressman Barry Loudermilk, the committee has deleted over 100 encrypted files just days before control of the House returned to Republicans – a move that raises more questions than answers.

For months, Americans have watched in disbelief as the partisan committee, led by Democrat Bennie Thompson and turncoat Republican Liz Cheney, has relentlessly pushed a one-sided narrative about the events of January 6. With the media and Democrat politicians eagerly parroting their every word, it seemed like they had a clear goal in mind: tarnish former President Donald Trump’s reputation and cement the Democrats’ power in Washington.

But now, as more details emerge about the committee’s actions behind closed doors, it’s becoming clear that their intentions may have been more sinister than previously thought. According to Congressman Loudermilk, the missing encrypted files could contain crucial information about the January 6 hearings, including interviews and depositions that contradict the committee’s narrative.

It’s worth noting that the missing files are particularly significant because they may have been used to prosecute Trump in Fulton County, Georgia. As Breitbart News reported, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis allegedly colluded with the partisan committee to obtain information for her case against Trump. If true, this would be a shocking abuse of power and a clear indication that the committee’s real goal was never to uncover the truth but to score political points and target their enemies.

Loudermilk’s demand for the passwords to the encrypted files is not only a reasonable request but also a crucial step in getting to the bottom of this blatant cover-up. After all, the American people deserve to know the truth about what happened on January 6, not just the version that the Democrats and their allies want them to hear.

But what’s perhaps most alarming about this whole situation is the timing of the file deletions. Just days before Republicans regained control of the House, the committee mysteriously decided to delete or encrypt over 100 files. This raises serious questions about their intentions and calls into question the credibility of their entire investigation.

As Congressman Loudermilk pointed out, there was plenty of intelligence about a potential attack on the Capitol leading up to January 6. The Secret Service, FBI, and several other agencies all had information about the possible threat. So why did the Capitol Police never receive this intelligence? Why were they unprepared for what happened that day? These are questions that the committee should be focusing on, instead of playing partisan games and deleting evidence to protect their political allies.