Gas Prices Hit HORRIBLE Milestone as White House Whiffs Response


Around our nation, there is a creeping anxiety resonating with our people.  They see a future in which they are squeezed ever further by the Biden administration’s unwillingness to tackle the economic problems that we face from inflation, supply chain shortages, and, of course, rising gas prices.

The cost of fuel in America is exorbitant at this point, having eclipsed a number of historical records and milestones, all while the White House continues to run in place on the issue.

The latest figures are absolutely astounding.

Wednesday marks the ninth consecutive day that gas prices have reached yet another record high in President Joe Biden’s America, with no immediate relief in sight.

The national average price for a gallon of regular gasoline hit another record high on Wednesday, reaching $4.567. That reflects a five-cent increase in the last day and a roughly 16-cent increase over the last week alone. In the last month, the national average for regular gas jumped by 48 cents.

The situation is untenable, to put it lightly.

Currently, the national average for mid-grade fuel is $4.912. Premium is now well over $5.00 a gallon, standing at $5.200. Diesel also hit a new record high on Wednesday, with the national average standing at $5.577.

Several states are seeing average figures far above the national average, including California, where the average price now tops $6.00 — $6.050. Notably, no state has an average price under $4.00 per gallon.

The President has repeatedly attempted to place the blame for these higher prices on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but economists are split as to whether or not that assessment is accurate.