Gaetz Already Sparring With Temp Speaker Of The House


Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz ripped into temporary Speaker of the House Rep. Patrick McHenry from North Carolina.

Due to the fact that McCarthy has been ousted all of the inquiries and House investigations have been put on hold. They will remain on hold until the House picks a new speaker but McHenry has decided to send everyone home for a little break.

During an appearance on Newsmax Gaetz offered some “pretty sharp criticism.”

“I do have to offer some pretty sharp criticism of the new pro tem of the House, Patrick McHenry,” Gaetz told Newsmax’s Eric Bolling. “We met tonight, and he sent us home until Tuesday of next week, Eric. We should be here tomorrow, working to elect a new speaker, getting onto our appropriations bills and engaging in a negotiation with the Senate to get the government funded, but instead these people have got to go home and cry for a week,” he continued. “They’ve got to go do a week of hand-wringing and bedwetting over the fact that Kevin McCarthy isn’t speaker anymore. This institution is about more than one man,” Gaetz said.

McHenry said that the break was so Democrats and Republicans could “discuss the path forward.”

“We got to get a new Speaker and we’ve got to get leadership to understand a sense of urgency that your viewers and the American people all feel,” Gaetz added.

Rep. Garret Graves (R-LA) said that he believes the break is necessary so emotions can cool down.

“I’ll be really candid. I think if we had stayed together in the meeting last night, I think that you would have seen fists thrown,” Graves told CNN. “And I’m not being dramatic when I say that.”

He added: “There is a lot of raw emotions right now. I think it was best to let folks go back home, decompress a little bit and then come back together.”