Furious Biden DEMANDS the Senate Gut 2nd Amendment After Colorado Shooting


The Democrats never, ever, waste a crisis.  They never let a tragedy run dry without first squeezing whatever political gains they can out from it, no matter if that coveted influence comes at the expense of the Constitution itself.

This is true again this week, as President Joe Biden began demanding a major overhaul to the Second Amendment less than 24 hours after a mentally ill young man shot up a Colorado grocery store.

President Biden said he would do everything in his power to keep Americans safe following the latest mass shooting in Colorado and pushed the Senate to immediately pass two House-passed gun reforms, including a universal background checks measure and an assault weapons ban.

“I don’t need to wait another minute, let alone an hour, to take common sense steps that will save lives in the future,” he said in remarks from the White House.

Biden had some specific ideas about what could be done, but they weren’t without controversy.

He listed a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, as well as strengthening the background check system by closing loopholes, as areas he would like to see Congress act on.

“The Senate should immediately pass, let me say it again, the United States Senate, I hope some are listening, should immediately pass the two House-passed bills that close loopholes in the background check system. These are bills that received votes with both Republicans and Democrats in the House. This is not and should not be a partisan issue. This is an American issue. It will save lives. American lives. We have to act,” he added.

Conservatives have already begun griping about the timing of the demands being made by Biden, noting that the rush to politicize this tragedy is not only offensive to those who are still mourning, but also paves the way for legislating via emotion – something that flies in the face of our government’s balanced design.