Fox News Does The Pettiest Thing Ever To Tucker Carlson


Recently, news of Fox News dismantling Tucker Carlson’s Maine recording studio gained traction. The studio, which was previously located in a converted barn, was used to broadcast Carlson’s show remotely. learned exclusively that the conservative firebrand was working with a three-man construction team because after Fox News, they destroyed the studio.

Just when you thought Fox News couldn’t get any more petty.

Carlson’s studio was dismantled just days after it was learned the former host would be airing his show on the social media platform Twitter.

No official reason was given for his dismissal. However, it is speculated that it may have had something to do with a settlement between Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems and the discovery of incendiary text messages allegedly sent by Carlson.

Since then, Carlson has been busy working on a new show. On May 10, he announced via Twitter he would be launching a new version of his show. Variety also reported that several other Fox anchors had expressed their desire to join him once their contracts are up.

It is unclear just how much of the work Carlson is putting in to rebuilding the studio, or just how long it will take. Though it is obvious that Carlson is taking the steps necessary to regain control of his show and participate in a healthier working environment.

But it seems to be a family effort. The Daily Mail captured photos of Carlson with a three-man crew, his daughter, and his wife working on the studio ruined by Fox News.

Tucker Carlson and his daughter outside his destroyed studio.
Carlson’s wife was spotted delivering packages.

it’s no wonder Tucker has been quiet after announcing his show would be on Twitter, he’s been busy rebuilding a studio destroyed by Fox News.

Variety has also reported that several Fox News employees have left their positions at the network to join Tucker’s new endeavor.