Former Trump Staffers are Secretly Volunteering to Speak to Jan 6th Committee

As the January 6th select committee continues to threaten member of former President Trump’s inner circle with subpoenas, contempt charges, and arrest, there is a clandestine undercurrent of information already being provided to the committee from a somewhat surprising source.

For many who were working with Trump in the Oval Office, the idea of voluntarily going before this committee is nonsense. ¬†They see the Democrat-led probe as little more than a re-do of Trump’s second impeachment trial, in which the then-President was acquitted of “inciting” the insurrection at the Capitol.

But, behind the scenes, there are plenty of former White House staffers who are lining up to speak.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., a member of the US House Select Committee investigating the January 6 Capitol insurrection, said on Saturday that many of the more than 200 witnesses who were voluntarily interviewed by the committee are former Trump administration officials, CNN reported.

“Let me not be that specific, but let me say certainly there have been people, part of the Trump administration, who have spoken to us and provided important insights that have led us to further questions,” said Lofgren in response to questions about if they were White House staffers, according to CNN.

And, in order to keep some of their GOP credibility…

Some of the witnesses volunteered their testimony on the condition of being issued a supoena for “cover,” Lofgren told CNN.

Defying the committee’s subpoenas has become a dangerous prospect for those in Trump’s orbit, particularly after former adviser Steve Bannon has found himself saddled with a criminal contempt charge for ignoring the group’s requests.