Former Trump Staffers Are Now Openly Plotting REVENGE!


Donald Trump has faced an enormous number of elaborate plots against him in his day, from his time as one of New York City’s premier real estate moguls to facing accusations of being a Russian asset while sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office.

A vast majority of these attacks have come wailing in from the left side of the political ether, as the Democratic Party continues to find their singular motivating and unifying factor to be the act of disliking Donald Trump.

But what’s worrisome, at least somewhat, are the former confidantes who’ve turned their backs on him.

And now, even worse, they seem to be organizing.

A group of former Trump administration officials are banding together in an effort to block their former boss from entering office again.

The meeting of the group, announced by former White House press secretary and chief of staff to the first lady Stephanie Grisham, is scheduled for next week where they will discuss how to “try and stop” former President Donald Trump and the “kind of violence and rhetoric that has been talked about and continues to divide our country.” In an interview with CNN on the morning of Jan. 6, Grisham said about 15 former Trump administration officials — some she said, who ranked higher than her — have held informal discussions and plan to meet in person.

“I think that there were a few of us who, again, have been sitting back watching him continue to manipulate and spread this big lie and continue to harm our country,” Grisham told CNN. “And [we] started some informal chats and then started throwing around ideas of what we could do, how we could formalize it.”

And while the idea certainly sounds threatening on paper, the purported inclusion of folks like Anthony Scaramucci, a short-lived White House Press Secretary who’s since become a staple on the gaudier primetime news shows, proves that this may still be all about attention.