FL Traveler Attempts to Bring Gun on Plane…Inside of a Chicken


As Thanksgiving approaches, many of us will learn for the first time about the kooky culinary fiasco known as the “Turducken”, which consists of a chicken, stuffed inside of a duck, all of which is then stuffed inside of a turkey and cooked.

And, as if that weren’t wild enough, there is now a variant called the “Turkraken”, which replaces a layer of the above monstrosity with octopus.  And yes, it’s real.

Not to be outdone by anyone when it comes to strangeness, a traveler in Florida has been caught attempting to bring a firearm on an airplane stuffed into a chicken.

A prospective air traveler was roasted by the Transportation Security Administration on social media on Monday after officers with the federal agency said it caught the person trying to conceal a gun inside a raw chicken stashed in their carry-on luggage.

The weapon was flagged by TSA at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida, where officers found it wrapped in what looked like thin paper packaging and hidden inside a raw chicken.

A post shared to the official TSA Instagram account on Monday included photos of the uncooked bird being examined in an airport security screening area and the gun once it was removed and unwrapped. Its caption leaned heavily into Thanksgiving-themed puns, starting with, “There’s a personal fowl here…”

The photos have to be seen to be believed.

Travelers are allowed to bring holiday good with them onto the plane, just so long as the items are packaged according to federal guidelines.

And so long as they don’t also have firearms inside of them, of course.