Florida Gets SUED by Cruise Line Over Vaccine Passport Rules


In Florida, they prefer freedom.

At least, that’s what Governor Ron DeSantis is going for, as he ramps up his potential 2024 presidential bid quietly, as if we all haven’t seen it coming for months already.

DeSantis has put himself out in front of the COVID debate, pushing back against just about any and all government restrictions that have risen in the shadow of the pandemic.  He’s made a show of pardoning those convicted of ‘COVID crimes’, and he’s made it illegal for businesses to require their customers to prove their vaccination status.

This has irked Norwegian Cruise Lines, however, and the company is now suing Florida over it.

On Tuesday, the company sued Scott Rivkees, the surgeon general of Florida, over the state’s ban against businesses asking for proof of vaccination against the coronavirus, per the Wall Street Journal. Norwegian plans on requiring vaccination for all passengers and crew, including kids, when it starts up its cruises to the Caribbean on Aug. 15, and the suit notes Rivkees is the state official in charge of enforcing the ban. The cruise line calls its complaint a “last resort” against the “misguided intrusion” of a state law that bars the use of vaccine passports in Florida, per CNN.

The Governor’s office was adamant, however.

A rep for Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office says the cruise line’s move would unfairly single out those who can’t get vaccinated for health reasons, can’t yet get their jabs (ie, kids), or won’t get vaccinated for religious or conscience-based reasons.

“Apparently Norwegian prefers the shackles of the CDC to the freedom offered by Florida,” the rep says, referring to CDC guidelines that set a 95% vaccination rate for passengers and crew. “This administration will not tolerate such widespread discrimination.”

Of course, the lawsuit will only allow more time for Ron DeSantis in front of the cameras, which isn’t something that the inspired Republican is going to be upset about.