Fetterman Shock People Online With New Look


Senator John Fetterman has recently received much attention when he made a bet with his 13-year-old son Karl and shaved off his goatee and grew a mustache. While this mustached look has prompted comparisons to the main character of the hit show “Breaking Bad”, Walter White, Fetterman’s wife Gisele Barreto Fetterman has put the rumors to rest, clarifying that the bet was about a game of “chess, always chess.”

The change in facial hair has produced a divided response among the range of political commentators. Political strategist Rachel Bitecofer immediately pointed out Fetterman’s resemblance to White, but other actors and directors have praised his look. For example, director Jay Arnold exclaimed, “Don’t be mad… but you look great!”

Senator Fetterman has just been in Congress for about 7 months and has already had quite a memorable experience. In a recent interview, Fetterman criticized Congress for prioritizing “drama” over actual policy-oriented changes in government.

“There’s a fixation on a lot of dumb s–t,” Fetterman said. “Bad performance art is really what it gets down to. The debt ceiling — there should have been no drama with any of that,” Fetterman told the outlet. “The fact that we’re playing with something like that is antithetical to the stability of our democracy. It really is. Everything is turning into a culture war. Not everything has to be a think piece, you know.”

We now have United States Senators playing dress up as a fictional character that sold meth.

The left complains about Trump but a United States Senator with admitted mental health issues is playing dress up as a drug dealer.

Fetterman posted the image after an approval rating showed that 50% of Pennsylvanians disapprove of his work at the Senate.

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