Feds Say Hunter Biden Evidence is Enough to Press Charges


From the moment that Joe Biden stepped back into the political limelight, concerned Americans have been raising the alarm about his son Hunter Biden.

You see, Hunter Biden is a bit of a black sheep within the Biden family.  His sordid past includes some terribly raunchy behavior that was precluded by a proclivity for prostitutes and crack cocaine.  This is known to the American people through a number of leaks, including a recent incident in which the First Son’s iCloud revealed even more evidence of illicit actions.

It isn’t hard to see how such behavior could make Hunter a national security liability.  Now, to make matters even worse for the first family, it appears as though Hunter Biden may soon find himself facing charges from the DOJ.

Federal agents believe they have enough evidence to support charging Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, with tax crimes and making a false statement in connection with the purchase of a gun, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

It is now up to U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss, an appointee of former President Donald Trump, to decide whether to prosecute Hunter on those charges, noted the Post, which cited people familiar with the investigation.

The newspaper reported that federal agents “determined months ago they had assembled a viable criminal case against the younger Biden.”

Hunter’s legal team was quick with a retort.

In a statement to NBC News, Chris Clark, Hunter Biden’s lawyer, said: “It is a federal felony for a federal agent to leak information about a Grand Jury investigation such as this one. Any agent you cite as a source in your article apparently has committed such a felony. We expect the Department of Justice will diligently investigate and prosecute such bad actors.”

“As is proper and legally required, we believe the prosecutors in this case are diligently and thoroughly weighing not just evidence provided by agents, but also all the other witnesses in this case, including witnesses for the defense,” Clark said. “That is the job of the prosecutors. They should not be pressured, rushed, or criticized for doing their job.”

Hunter Biden’s plethora of scandals has been controversial in and of itself, on account of the mainstream media’s unwillingness to give the stories their due.