Federal Judge Issues STUNNING Blow to Biden’s Authority

Over the course of the last few weeks, it seems as though more and more Americans were beginning to view Joe Biden as some sort of tyrant.

This is all thanks to the President’s latest vaccine mandate, which targeted not only federal workers, but employees of private businesses with more than 100 folks on the payroll.  This overreach garnered heavy criticism, with Americans of all shapes and sizes…and now with the judicial branch as well.

A federal appeals court in New Orleans has halted the Biden administration’s vaccine or testing requirement for private businesses, delivering another political setback to one of the White House’s signature public health policies.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, helmed by one judge who was appointed by President Ronald Reagan and two others who were appointed by President Donald Trump, issued the ruling Friday, after temporarily halting the mandate last weekend in response to lawsuits filed by Republican-aligned businesses and legal groups.

The language was unforgettable.

Calling the requirement a “mandate,” the court said the rule, instituted through the Labor Department, “grossly exceeds OSHA’s statutory authority,” according to the opinion, written by Judge Kurt D. Engelhardt and joined by Judges Edith H. Jones and Stuart Kyle Duncan.

“Rather than a delicately handled scalpel, the Mandate is a one-size fits-all sledgehammer that makes hardly any attempt to account for differences in workplaces (and workers) that have more than a little bearing on workers’ varying degrees of susceptibility to the supposedly ‘grave danger’ the Mandate purports to address,” they wrote.

The news comes amid a string of heated anti-vaccine protests, some of which raise in incredibly potent concerns about states’ rights and bodily autonomy.