FBI on Alert as QAnon Suggests March 4th Trump Inauguration

The world of the QAnon conspiracy theory is a wild one, and many believe that we had seen the last of the fringe group after the failed insurrection at the US Capitol back on January 6th.

According to the FBI, however, this is not the case, and followers of the wild hypothesis are now preparing for Donald Trump’s inauguration…on March 4th.

Law enforcement agencies around Washington, D.C., are adding extra security out of concern about a coming date — March 4, which is Thursday — that has swirled online among QAnon supporters.

An internal memo sent by the Timothy P. Blodgett, the acting House sergeant-at-Arms, which was obtained by NBC News, said his office “is working closely with the U.S. Capitol Police to monitor information related to March 4th and potential protests and demonstration activity surrounding what some have described as the ‘true Inauguration Day.'”

Blodgett wrote that plans are in place for “additional personnel” to “support the safety and security of Members and staff.”

The FBI has suggested that March 4th could be a “rallying” date for the far right group, but have also stated that no specific threats to DC have been intercepted.

The QAnon conspiracy theory states that Donald Trump is engaged in a secret war with the Deep State, and that, through a series of clandestine legal and political maneuvers, will be installed as the President of the US once again, apparently on Thursday.