FBI Now Investigating Trump Supporters Who Followed Biden Tour Bus

The 2020 election has been heated, that’s for sure, and things aren’t looking like they’re going to simmer down anytime soon, either.

Americans are frazzled, and with good reason.  We’ve been limiting our interaction with one another for nearly 9 months on account of a global pandemic, and we’re shaming each other over just how seriously, or not, we’re taking the whole thing.

And let’s not get started on the masks.

Any time you throw a political election in the middle of this sort of situation, things are going to get weird…especially given just how chaotic the candidates have been.

In Texas this weekend, the angst boiled over.

The FBI is investigating an alleged incident involving supporters of President Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s campaign bus as it traveled through Central Texas on Friday.

Travis County Democratic Party Chair Katie Naranjo tweeted that Trump supporters followed the bus in an attempt to intimidate Biden voters. “They ran into a person’s car, yelling curse words and threats. Don’t let bullies win, vote,” she added.

Video of the incident was soon trending on Twitter.

Police in several jurisdictions were aware of the situation.

KXAN has spoken with several law enforcement agencies who said they received calls related the caravan moving north on Interstate 35 on Friday, including the New Braunfels, San Marcos and Kyle Police Departments.

A statement from the City of New Braunfels said police responded after receiving several calls, but did not observe any traffic violations and there were no traffic accidents reported within the city’s limits. The statement goes on to say that officers monitored the procession as it made its way north and the next jurisdictions were notified about the activity that was headed in their direction.

San Marcos Police said they received a call from the Biden-Harris bus requesting a police escort as they traveled through the city; however, when officers responded, they weren’t able to catch up with the bus before it got out of their jurisdiction because of traffic.

The Kyle Police Department received reports around 4 p.m. Friday that indicated two or more vehicles may have made contact while traveling north on Interstate 35. A statement said officers responded to the area but no vehicles stopped to share information with them. Kyle Police then noted the person’s information so they could make contact at a later time.

The Biden campaign decided to cancel two events on later that day in Texas, citing the highway harassment as the reason.