EVIL ALLIANCE: Moscow Madman Enters Agreement with DPRK Despot


The fear that World War III is out there, just looming over the not-so-distant horizon, has been pervasive and smothering for some time now…and this week brought with it some worrisome potential corroboration of the situation.

As Vladimir Putin sets off into Ukraine, (and likely beyond), in search of a larger footprint for Mother Russia, the comparisons to Hitler’s early land acquisitions is uncanny.  In Europe, at the onset of WWII, the fuhrer himself made a number of pacts with other authoritarian countries, in hopes that they’d help him fend off what was sure to be a coming cavalcade of free nations looking to stymie him.

In 2022, Putinhas suggested that a number of nations that ought to still belong under his control, and he, too, is building allegiances.

His latest is a real doozy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Monday, promising to expand cooperation between the two countries despite being increasingly ostracized on the world stage.

“It said that we would continue to expand the comprehensive and constructive bilateral relations with common efforts, adding that this would entirely conform with the interests of the peoples of the two countries and contribute to strengthening the security and stability of the Korean peninsula and the whole of the Northeastern Asian region,” North Korean state media outlet KCNA wrote.

Putin knew his audience well, it seems.

Putin sent the letter to commemorate the day of liberation, a national holiday that marks Korea’s liberation from Japan 77 years ago.

Russia has already been teaming with China for black market oil deals meant to skirt international sanctions on the matter, while also procuring high-tech drones with fellow authoritarians in Tehran.