Even CNN Thinks It’s BAD for BIDEN – Watch


It’s pretty bad with the Democrats are getting bad news from CNN. The left network was forced to cover the recent news from the House Oversight Committee.

They report that they. Have evidence showing that the Biden family received more than a million dollars in connection to a payout from a Chinese company with ties to the CCP.

Some of the accounts that received money were companies related to Jim Biden, the president’s brother, and Hunter Biden, the president’s son. But there was also money put into an account for Hallie Biden (Beau Biden’s widow and Hunter Biden’s former girlfriend). And there was also another account, just marked “Biden” which may pertain to yet a fourth Biden.

A Biden associate “gets $3 million from a Chinese-based company and proceeds to wire it out to a bunch of people named Biden,” says CNN’s Erin Burnett.

“That doesn’t look good.”

CNN is certainly right about that. This money came to the Biden family right after Joe Biden served as vice president. What kind of payoff was this? Certainly, that is a question that must be answered.

This news raises huge red flags about Biden being compromised through his family’s involvement.

Joe Biden still claims to know nothing about his son’s business. And in a debate in 2020, Biden said that his son did not get any money from China.

President Biden claimed on Friday that it wasn’t true that his family had gotten such a payout, but the evidence just keeps piling up.

Rep. James Comer explained to Fox’s Maria Bartiromo on Sunday, this was “just the beginning.” They have just started going through all the records they have recently received.

Comer said we know Biden hasn’t been truthful about what went on when he was vice president. And Comer said that it was “very concerning” that Joe Biden might have done things for the Chinese while he was vice president.