Dr. Fauci Now Suggests That Mandatory Vaccinations are Being Considered

Of all of the heated debates that our nation endured during the coronavirus pandemic, perhaps none was as vociferous as the argument surrounding the possibility of mandating vaccinations against the illness.

This is something that is built into America’s DNA, as our nation was born out of the idea that you cannot trust the government, or any authorities for that matter.  Our bodily sovereignty is too important to be dictated by those outside of ourselves, and a great many Americans from coast to coast lashed out at the idea that such a mandate could ever occur.

Now, however, Dr. Anthony Fauci seems to think that it’s back on the table.

[…] Fauci is backing new COVID guidance issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics that schools require face masks for children older than 2 and all adults, regardless of vaccination status, contradicting what the Centers for Disease Control is saying.

“There’s an uptick in cases in virtually all the states in the United States, and for that reason they want to go the extra mile to make sure that the children are protected in school,” Fauci said.

The nation’s top infectious disease expert also said one day a COVID vaccine could be required for kids to return back to school.

“I would not be surprised that in the future this is something that would be seriously considered, depending upon how we handle the outbreak,” Fauci said.

This statement is sure to annoy a great many Americans who’ve spent the last 16 months railing against the swiftly-developed vaccines, fearing for their safety.