DISGUSTING! Liberal Media Rips into Rush Limbaugh HOURS After His Death

The conservative world lost one of their greatest orators on this week, as hall of fame broadcaster Rush Limbaugh succumbed to a year-long battle with lung cancer.

Rush was a feisty on-air personality whose “talent” was “on loan from God”, according to one pundit reacting to the news of his passing.  He was prolific in espousing a succinct version of the Republican ethos, and this keen ability made him a frequent target of a worried, liberal left.

Now it seems that some of the media’s largest names couldn’t seem to muster the sort of dignity it takes to properly eulogize the man, so, instead, they went low.

The Washington Post and The New York Times both described Limbaugh as a “provocateur” in their headlines and both lead their obits with uncanny descriptions of the broadcasting giant.

“Rush Limbaugh, who deployed comic bombast and relentless bashing of liberals, feminists and environmentalists to become the nation’s most popular radio talk-show host and lead the Republican Party into a politics of anger and obstruction, died Feb. 17 at 70,” the Post began.

“Rush Limbaugh, the relentlessly provocative voice of conservative America who dominated talk radio for more than three decades with shooting-gallery attacks on liberals, Democrats, feminists, environmentalists and other moving targets, died on Wednesday,” the Times similarly wrote.

Additionally, the Times bashed Limbaugh on its homepage, writing that he “pushed talk radio to the right with misogynistic and racist language and conspiracy theories.”

One of the worst sentiments, however, came from NBC, who suggested that Rush was nothing more than “an opportunist”, as opposed to a “conservative oracle”.