Dirty Cop James Comey OUTED by Newly Declassified ‘ObamaGate’ Documents

The disgraced, former FBI Director James Comey has long remained a central figure on any good “Deep State” diatribe, and it appears that this is with good reason.

Comey was running The Bureau during the late stages of the Obama administration, while the “RussiaGate” ruse was playing out, and was already understood to be instrumental in the actions that led to a FISA warrant being issued that would allow the FBI to effectively “spy” on the 2016 Trump campaign.

In order to do this, some incredibly suspect “evidence” was used – most notably the Steele Dossier.  This salacious and unverifiable collection of rumors regarding Donald Trump’s sex life in Moscow was used to approve that FISA warrant, and that legal maneuver has been largely ripped by the American people as a dangerous overstep by the intelligence community.

A newly declassified document has now made it clear just how heavily involved Comey was with this unethical setup.

The report released on Wednesday provides more of a window into the December 2016 debate around the ICA and how the Steele information was included — including that many at the FBI wanted to feature the Steele information prominently.

“The Assistant Director for [redacted] recounted a conversation with FBI Assistant Director for CD on December 22, and recalled the FBI’s interest in ‘weaving their dossier in the actual text of the report.,'” one line of the Senate Intelligence report reads. “Assistant Director for [redacted] stated there was no ‘visibility, at the time of the writing of the report, into the sub-sourcing dynamic for that dossier… because of the subsourcing, I felt [it] was not appropriate for inclusion in the report and would detract from the report.'”

A statement from Former CIA Director John Brennan in the Senate report said that “[i]nitially the FBI wanted it incorporated into the assessment itself.” Brennan continued that the CIA did not want to incorporate the intelligence but that “Jim Comey made a very strong case, which we didn’t object to, that it needed to accompany the assessment because it was related to the issue, and we didn’t know where the FBI’s investigation was as far as some of those things.”

Comey has already been seen as a central figure in this RussiaGate-turned-ObamaGate scandal, but this latest revelation could see him showing up on the short list of politicos to be subpoenaed by Congress.