Detroit Officials Find Swampy Surprise During Contentious Eviction


In a story that we would have expected to hear coming out of Florida, Detroit officials got more than they bargained for this week while performing an eviction.

It all began when a dispute erupted between the evictee and police, the latter of which then called for court officials to assist in the matter.  But, once authorities were finally inside of the home, a third agency needed to be called: Animal control.

Michigan court officials could not believe their eyes when they went to evict a family from a Detroit home and stumbled upon a family of alligators inside. Officials were shocked when they stepped into the home and found one adult gator and three baby gators.

Officials immediately called Detroit Animal Care and Control to give a hand removing the family of alligators with the three baby Gators inside a medium-sized tank filled with water.

The laws regarding alligators in Michigan and Detroit were different.

While it is not illegal to have an alligator as a pet in Michigan, it is illegal in Detroit. It is unclear whether the tenant was aware of the city law.

“A lot of times, people can obtain an alligator without knowing the proper laws,” said Jovan Stacks, a federally licensed exhibitor and owner of 1 Exotic Zoo.

As it turns out, these gators had it good.

Stacks said that alligators can be dangerous even if they’re young – and they need a certain amount of space and a proper environment to thrive.

“An alligator that’s not fed a proper diet, the entire snout and the mouth will be deformed,” Stacks told FOX 2. “It looks like whoever had this alligator, they were taking care of it.”

Animal control officials are hopeful that the alligators can be re-homed to a licensed animal keeper to avoid being euthanized.