DeSantis Torches Newsom With Savage Ultimatum


Well, we are going to see what kind of person California Governor Gavin Newsom is after Florida DeSantis issued him with an ultimatum.

Since 2020, Newsom has been trying to elevate his national profile by attacking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. From COVID, the economy, and culture war issues Newsom has claimed California is better than Florida.

Most recently, Newsom claimed that he is going to have DeSantis arrested for kidnapping after paying for illegal immigrants to be sent to California.

In response, DeSantis hammered Newsom for trying to elevate his profile but refusing to jump into the 2024 race.

DeSantis told News to stop “p***yfooting around.”

DeSantis chuckled when he responded to Newsom goading him.

DeSantis chuckled in response, “You know, it’s interesting. He’s got huge problems in his state. I mean, like, huge problems in his state.”

“I mean, you see it in San Francisco, you see it in L.A., you see it in the people fleeing,” DeSantis said. “California, from its inception, gained population every single year until he became governor. I mean, California was probably the height of opportunity for middle class Americans for many, many decades in this country. No one would leave there, you know, you would go, people were drawn to there, and yet, he’s the first governor that’s overseen a massive exodus out of California.”

And yet with all those problems, he has a real serious fixation on the state of Florida,” DeSantis added. “I mean, I think it’s just bizarre that he does that. But what I would tell him is, you know, what, stop p***yfooting around. Are you going to throw your hat in the ring and challenge Joe?”

“Are you going to get in and do it, or are you just going to sit on the sidelines and chirp?” he continued. “So why don’t you throw your hat in the ring, and then we’ll go ahead and talk about what’s happening.”