Democratic Voters Think Biden is Ready to Drop Out of 2020 Race

Joe Biden was supposed to be the chosen one, but a slick scheme concocted by Republican political strategists may have sunk him.

The former Vice President entered the 2020 race to grandiose fanfare, albeit reluctantly.  Biden is old, and was likely only goaded into joining the race on account of his ability to possibly pull midwestern centrist votes away from Donald Trump in the general election.

He really didn’t want to be here, and that’s showing now.

Even the voters seem to think that Biden is on the way out.

Forty-five minutes after Joe Biden’s first campaign event was supposed to start on Saturday, his crowd had grown restless. The former vice president wasn’t at the Rex Theatre in downtown Manchester and those crammed inside were wondering just how much longer they’d have to suck in the heated air before they get to see him speak.

In the rafters, a chant broke out.

“We Want Joe!” the voices said, overpowering the soundtrack of classic rock and commercial motown that had been playing on blast to keep the crowd from completely dozing off.

But no one picked it up. Instead, after two renditions, the men simply stopped. And those who’d bothered to consider joining in the chorus did what they’d been doing since it became clear that the event would not start on time: they dumped their faces back into their cellphones.

“This is a microcosm of the failure of this campaign,” said Adam Ross, a Long Islander who helped start the chant. “The energy is slowly dissipating from this room.”

So, how did Joe Biden go from shoe-in to shunned?

It all began when President Trump was accused of asking Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to look into some shady dealings that Joe and his son Hunter may or may not have been a part of.

And, it truly didn’t matter if they were a part of those deals.  What mattered is that the nation became obsessed with the story and did their own research into the rumors.  The more they looked, they more they saw, and the more they saw, the more doubt they developed.

It’s the death by a thousand cuts motif, and it has made Joe Biden a moot point in the 2020 race.