Democratic Candidate Preparing to Contest Iowa Results

The Iowa caucuses were a disaster, this much we know.

Last week, the first-in-the-nation contest began as so many Iowa caucuses have begun in the past, with midwestern voters lining up to have their voices heard, and possibly send the national political trajectory on its final adjustment before November’s general election.

Instead, a new smartphone voting app delayed the results for several days, causing panic among several candidates who may have already been a bit paranoid about their chances in the race.

Now, almost a week later, one 2020 Democratic is looking to possibly contest the results.

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign plans to ask for a “partial recanvass” of the results of last week’s Iowa caucuses.

A campaign aide confirmed the plans Sunday night, ahead of a Monday deadline for candidates to ask the Iowa Democratic Party to recanvass the results. A recanvass is not a recount, but a check of the vote count against paper records to ensure the counts were reported accurately.

The state party released updated results on Sunday showing Pete Buttigieg leading Sanders by two state delegate equivalents out of 2,152 counted.

The Associated Press remains unable to declare a winner because it believes the results may not be fully accurate and are still subject to potential revision.

Buttigieg’s connections to the app maker have been weighing heavy on the mind of the Sanders faithful, almost certainly, after 2016’s rigging of the primary election against the Senator from Vermont.