Democrat Says Obama is Secretly Behind Biden Disinfo Board


As the Democrats begin to look forward to the 2022 midterms, (and the likely “red wave” that is coming for them in it), they are looking for ever-more powerful ways in which they can silence conservative voices.

This has been something that has largely occurred on social media in the past, but the corporate nature of these overtly public spaces has made the quelling of “disinformation” a bit haphazard for the government’s liking.

This is where Joe Biden’s “Disinformation Governance Board” comes into play, but one former Democratic Congresswoman believes that the latest affront to free speech isn’t even being run by Joe Biden.

Former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard suggested that former President Barack Obama is behind the effort to establish a Disinformation Governance Board, which she likened to George Orwell’s famed “Ministry of Truth.”

“Biden is just a front man,” Gabbard said on Twitter Sunday. “Obama, April 21: social media censors ‘don’t go far enough,’ so the government needs to step in to do the job. Six days later, Homeland Security rolls out the ‘Ministry of Truth’ (aka Disinformation Governance Board).”

The board has been largely criticized by conservatives, as it allows for a great deal of manipulation of the First Amendment by the government, which, at the present time, could be used to protect the left against the “red wave” just over the horizon.