Cuomo Coverup Confirmed in Case of Nursing Home COVID Patients

During the early days of the apocalypse…er….I mean the pandemic…New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made a mistake that wasn’t so much unfortunate as it was unforgivable.

Cuomo had decided to send COVID-19 patients into the state’s nursing home system, where the viciously virulent illness would have a plethora of at-risk hosts to choose from.

As this horror show was unfolding, it turns out, that Cuomo and Company were doing everything that they could in order to keep the whole calamity quiet.

Senior aides for the governor purposely sought to prevent New York state health officials, including Commissioner Howard Zucker, from releasing the true death toll, The New York Times reported on Wednesday, citing interviews and newly-unearthed documents.

As previously reported by Fox News, Cuomo’s administration was logging the location of nursing home residents’ COVID-19 deaths since at least April 2020, despite claims those numbers could not be verified for a report issued months later. According to a document obtained by Fox News, facilities were required to report the number of residents who died from COVID-19 daily.

And then…

Officials were aware of the true death toll since last spring, the New York Times said. An unpublished report said nursing home deaths accounted for 35% of all deaths at that time, though the version that was eventually released in July pared that figure down to 21%.

The Times reported that Cuomo’s top aides watched closely over the report, which began to be compiled in April 2020. An email obtained by the publication noted that Melissa DeRosa, Cuomo’s secretary, said they were getting “anxious” about the report and sought to downplay the idea that Cuomo’s nursing home directive was potentially a problem.

Not only was a scientific paper including the data was not published, the Times reported, but also two letters to state legislators from health officials were never sent.

Cuomo’s troubles have been broiling for some time, and there is plenty of speculation as to how many more bombshells he can weather before his time at the governor’s mansion must come to a close, if for no other reason than preserving what dignity New York citizens have left.