COVID-Paranoid Man Captured After Hiding in Airport for Three Months

The stress of the coronavirus pandemic has manifested itself a number of different ways over the course of the last several months, as was expected.  This is a global, smothering event after all, and there is no way of knowing what sort of anxieties can manifest themselves in its wake.

For one man, the stress and worry of the whole thing was just too much to handle, forcing him to attempt to “hide out” and waiting for COVID go go away…which would normally be done at home, and perhaps be given the characterization of a bad case of agoraphobia.

But no, this man chose instead to wait out the pandemic at the airport, where he hid for three months. 

A California man was arrested Saturday and accused of hiding in a restricted area of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport for three months. The man told police that COVID-19 had rendered him too scared to travel home to California, so he hid in the airport, surviving on food provided by strangers, The Associated Press reported.

United Airlines staff spotted 36-year-old Aditya Singh and requested identification. They said he removed his mask and presented a badge, which belonged to an airport operations manager who reported it missing last October, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The judge in the case wanted to make sure that Singh could be nowhere near the airport in the immediate future.

Singh faces felony charges of criminal trespass in a restricted area of an airport as well as misdemeanor theft charges. Cook County Judge Susana Ortiz set bail at $1,000. She also said if he came up with the money, he would be prohibited from returning to the airport, AP reported.

Ortiz would go on to express concerns that Singh was able to evade detection for as long as he had, citing the reasonable expectation of safety that the general public holds for airports.