Couple’s Anti-Mask Statement Gets Them BANNED From Walmart for LIFE!

Perhaps the strangest part of this argument regarding the wearing of masks to prevent coronavirus is that it isn’t about whether or not they work – we almost all agree that they do, and those on the other side of that argument get their news from Alex Jones.

No, the argument is whether or not the government or a corporation can truly make us wear a mask.  We have to remember that this is America, after all, and we have a long streak of independence and stubbornness to contend with.

This has led to plenty of showboating and grandiose statements by those who find the mask mandates abhorrent…but nothing quite like this. 

A couple who wore Nazi flag face coverings to a Walmart in Marshall, Minnesota have been told not to return.

Police say the couple has been issued trespass notices. Officials said they are banned from visiting any Walmart facility for at least a year.

Video posted on social media showed the couple going through a checkout lane on Saturday with the masks that featured the Nazi swastika flag. Onlookers appeared shocked by the masks and demanded the couple to remove them.

The couple were not professing their love for Nazi Germany, however.  They were attempting to make a statement.

The woman seen wearing the mask argued she wasn’t a Nazi and indicated she was wearing the flag as a protest against socialism in America.

Of course, it should be noted that such a comparison between being asked to wear a mask to prevent the spread of a deadly disease to your fellow countrymen is a far cry from the genocide of six million Jews, and, as such, may be an egregiously offensive way to make your point.