Couple Who Vandalized ‘BLM’ Mural Now Facing HATE CRIME Charges


As Black Lives Matter protesters continue to take to the streets around America, a number of local municipalities have begun to signal their support for the movement with what means they have at their disposal.

Obviously, these locales are allocating resources to protest sites to keep demonstrators safe, and are generally doing what they can to make sure that exercising your First Amendment right is a painless process.

In some cities, local authorities have utilized public works to emblazon their support for the BLM movement on streets and buildings, including in California, where a large mural spelling out “Black Lives Matter” was painted on the streets of Martinez.

This prompted an ugly response from a local couple who attempted to paint over the mural with black paint.  They are now facing hate crime charges. 

Nichole Anderson, 42, was filmed using a roller to cover part of the yellow letters with black paint on Saturday as her cohort, 53-year-old David Nelson, stood guard near the Wakefield Taylor Courthouse in Martinez, the Contra Costa District Attorney’s said.

The couple’s message was clear.

As Anderson painted within the lines, allowing the letters “B” and “L” to remain visible, Nelson told onlookers: “we’re sick of this narrative.”

“The narrative of police brutality, the narrative of oppression, the narrative of racism,” Nelson declared. “It’s a lie.”

“I said no one wants Black Lives Matter here!” he added. “That’s what I said. All Lives Matter, you punk.”

In addition to the civil rights violation they received, the couple will also face charges of vandalism and possession of tools for the purpose of vandalism – redundant charges that will likely be adjusted once the lawyers get to chatting.