Congressman Makes EXTRAORDINARY Claim About UFO Wreckage


One of the most pondered questions in all of the universe has long been whether or not humanity is alone.

By sheer mathematics, it’s impossible that we are the only “life” in the cosmos.  The length of time that our universe has existed, and what we know about the life cycles of our own planet, pretty much seal the deal:  There has to be somebody, or something else out there.

But are they paying us a visit?  Just ahead of an unprecedented congressional hearing on the subject of UFO’s, one Congressman is making an astounding claim. 

Rep. Tim Burchett – a long term advocate for disclosure – told The Sun Online he has been informed by reliable sources that “material” has been recovered from the objects or craft that have been reported in skies over the US.

Burchett’s story was solid.

The Tennessee Republican declined to elaborate further as he said the information had been passed to him in a “classified setting”.

“I’ve been told by multiple sources we have recovered something from these [crafts or objects],” Mr Burchett told The Sun Online.

The news is sure to pique the interest of the nation’s rather large UFO community, particularly on account of their continued concerns about an imminent “disclosure” narrative playing out at the highest levels of government.