Concerts Return to Madison Square Garden…For The Vaccinated

As we continue to crawl back toward normalcy here in the United States, the last year-plus of COVID-caused calamity continues to take its toll – particularly on those who’ve refused to receive a vaccination against the illness.

The reasons for vaccine hesitancy are varied in this case, with some believing that the speed at which these jabs were developed is an issue of safety, while others find it unprincipled to allow the government to coerce them into putting anything into their bodies.

As such, it has been largely private entities who’ve been applying pressure to individuals to receive the inoculation, either through incentives such as the Ohio lottery, which will give $1 million each to 5 random citizens who get the jab, or through shameful segregation like we’ve seen at ballparks around the nation where unvaccinated fans will be separated from those who’ve been poked.

Now it appears as though the first show back at Madison Square Garden will be similarly segregated. 

MSG Entertainment announced Tuesday that Foo Fighters will shake the famed arena with a concert on June 20 — the venue’s first show in more than 460 days.

MSG says the concert for vaccinated audience members will be its first at 100% capacity (20,000 seats) since the pandemic. Tickets go on sale Friday.

“We’ve been waiting for this day for over a year,” Dave Grohl said in a statement. “And Madison Square Garden is going to feel that HARD.”

it would not be surprising to see discrimination lawyers taking up the mantle of this issue in the coming months, as corporate entities continue to treat the unvaccinated as though they were second class citizens.