CNN Panics Over Reality of Trump Arrest – WATCH


Democrats’ plan to take down former President Donald Trump is backfiring and causing the liberal media to panic that Trumps indictment could make him a stronger candidate in the 2024 election.

CNN is urging the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to refrain from releasing Trumps mugshot to the public, in fear it may make him more famous than he already is. This is an attempt to keep Trump from turning his mugshot into an iconic novelty item and boosting his chances of taking the crown away from Democrats in 2024.

Its clear that the Democrats tactics to destroy Trump are not working. Trumps supporters remain loyal and the media is struggling to understand why. Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley even went as far as to compare Trumps mugshot to the iconic wanted poster of Abraham Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth…

“Now we’re set up to see the biggest reality show that’s come to life … I can’t even think of an artifact except maybe ‘Wanted: John Wilkes Booth’ after the Lincoln assassination of a wanted poster or a mug shot that’s going to be circulating around the world in a kind of way this one of Donald Trump is,” Brinkley said during an appearance on CNN.

It is truly remarkable that Trump, who has faced some of the most challenging situations a president can go through, including January 6 and the Russian Hoax, has been able to remain so strong. Millions of Americans continue to stand by his side and support him, despite the Democrats attempts to take him down.

This shows that the liberal medias fear of Trump becoming an even stronger candidate in 2024 is warranted. The Democrats strategy to destroy Trump is not working, and they may find themselves in an even worse position in the future.

The Democrats have attempted to use the legal system to take down Trump and have even resorted to trying to prevent his mugshot from becoming an iconic image. But their efforts have backfired, proving to be a major source of frustration for the liberal media.