ICYMI: Clinton Gets CLOBBERED After Horrid Met Gala Photo Surfaces


Hillary Clinton is no stranger to criticism, that’s for sure, and a rather shocking photo from this week’s Met Gala once again has the former First Lady in the spotlight.

Clinton, who was a champion of the left’s COVID-19 policies over the course of the last two years, was spotted mask-less at the $35,000-per-ticket event, which wasn’t all that unusual.

What did catch the nation’s eye was the former Secretary of State receiving help from a kneeling, masked, black man.

A photo of Hillary Clinton attending the Met Gala received some brutal reaction from Twitter users on Monday evening.

The photo depicted Clinton walking the red carpet at the celebrity-studded event in a red ball gown. The failed presidential candidate was all smiles, posing for the camera without wearing a mask, while a masked African American gentleman – who appeared to be one of the event’s staff – doted on her, adjusting her dress.

Critics slammed the image as the perfect encapsulation of elitist privilege. One said it looked like something out of “The Hunger Games.”

The photo was also making the rounds on social media.

Conservatives were quick to lambast the image as well.

Right-wing radio host Austin Petersen remarked on what he perceived as the photo’s racist connotations. “From the Antebellum South, to Jim Crow, to modern America, Democrats haven’t really changed all that much. #HillaryClinton,” he tweeted.

“This photo perfectly encapsulates the current state of our country,” tweeted conservative commentator Kyle Kashuv.

Conservative vlogger Blaire White commented on Kashuv’s post, tweeting, “This photo should be in history books that discuss Covid regulations.”

Conservative radio host Ari Hoffman blasted the image, tweeting, “The elites at the Met Gala. This pic sums it up.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis couldn’t hold back either, suggesting that the leak of the Supreme Court’s draft decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was conveniently timed, knocking this Clinton kerfuffle right out of the headlines.