Clarence Thomas Gives Lindsey Graham Reprieve from GA Probe


In the Peach State, investigators are still doggedly probing the 2020 election – but they aren’t looking for any electoral tomfoolery.

No, they’re looking into claims that then-President Donald Trump and his cohorts were attempting to influence the outcome of the election that they had long claimed was somehow “rigged”.

This includes correspondence with South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who has been attempting to absolve himself of a subpoena to testify in the case to no avail.

That is, until now.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas on Monday temporarily blocked a subpoena demanding testimony from South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham from a Georgia grand jury investigating election interference by former President Donald Trump.

The hold on the subpoena came three days after Graham’s attorneys asked Thomas to delay the senator’s appearance before the grand jury, which is investigating possible criminal interference in Georgia’s presidential election in 2020.

There’s no telling how long the stay could last.

Thomas, who is responsible for emergency applications such as Graham’s issued out of the 11th Circuit, issued the hold on the subpoena on his own accord, without referring the question to the entire Supreme Court.

The conservative justice said the subpoena would be delayed pending further order by Thomas or the Supreme Court. Two days before he issued the stay, Thomas told Fulton County, Georgia, prosecutors, who are presenting evidence to the grand jury, to respond by Thursday to Graham’s request for a stay of the subpoena

The stay will give more time for Graham’s lawyers and prosecutors to file briefs arguing whether the subpoena should be allowed to stand or not.

Graham has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, and has suggested that his status as a sitting Senator could prevent him from being forced to testify.