CIA Releases Shocking Report on Origins of ‘Havana Syndrome’


There has been a break in the case of “Havana Syndrome”, but it’s not at all what many of us had expected.

The strange condition, which was so-named after its place of origin, has affected literally thousands of US diplomats, from the European theater to the lawn of the White House, and has been speculated to be a direct energy attack by one of our foreign nemeses.

The C.I.A. now says not so fast.

The CIA believes it is unlikely that Russia or another foreign adversary is using microwaves or other forms of directed energy to attack hundreds of American officials who attribute symptoms associated with brain injuries to what’s come to be known as “Havana syndrome.”

The agency’s findings, according to one official familiar with the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the intelligence, drew immediate criticism from those who have reported cases and from advocates who accuse the government of long dismissing the array of ailments.

Investigators have studied hundreds of reported cases reported globally by U.S. intelligence officers, diplomats, and military personnel and whether the injuries are caused by exposure to forms of directed energy. People affected have reported headaches, dizziness, nausea, and other symptoms consistent with traumatic brain injuries.

There were still some possible anomalous cases out there, however.

A few dozen cases are unresolved and remain under active investigation, the official said. The involvement of a foreign adversary has not been ruled out in those cases.

In a statement, CIA Director William Burns said the agency’s commitment to its officers’ health was “unwavering.”

“While we have reached some significant interim findings, we are not done,” Burns said. “We will continue the mission to investigate these incidents and provide access to world-class care for those who need it.”

Those cases are still very much under active investigation.