Church Group Accuses COVID Officials of ‘Working for Satan’

If there’s one thing that coronavirus has taught us over these last seven, miserable months, it’s that conspiracy theories are bound to surround all of the major world events from now until the end of time…or at least until some biblical or astrological “awakening” occurs.

We are drawn to conspiracy theories in the darker times because we’re afraid that this is all random, and that the world truly is just some spinning rock on which anything can happen at any time.

Now, in the midst of some very troubling times, we have plenty of conspiracy fodder to deal with, including a number of theories about the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the globe.

These theories have led to some heated confrontations between people on disparate sides of the debate, but the latest out of Michigan is simply bizarre. 

Who was there, how long they stayed, and who is most at-risk — it’s all unknown for health officials investigating a COVID-19 case linked to a four-day men’s retreat at a church in the eastern Upper Peninsula.

Health officials worry that many of the 50 or more men who attended the gathering are older, and may have health conditions that come with age, which makes them more vulnerable to serious illness from the coronavirus.

The group was incredibly tight-lipped, and even accusatory.

The biggest obstacle: Nobody in the group will cooperate with public health workers. Health departments covering five U.P. counties have been unable to learn the names of the men, or who they may have come in contact with since the retreat ended last Sunday, the officials told Bridge Michigan.

The event’s leader hung up on a contact tracer who called him. Another person who was called this week accused the health official of “working for Satan” because of her job in public health.

Health officials in the state have claimed that this is perhaps the “strangest” situation they’ve ever dealt with.

We’d tend to agree.