Chuck Schumer Livid Over McCarthy’s Release of Capitol Footage – Watch


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is livid about House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s decision to release footage from the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol to Fox News’s Tucker Carlson. He said that this move will “jeopardize the safety” of lawmakers and Capitol staff “for political purposes.”

Schumer sent a letter to his colleagues on Wednesday that said McCarthy is “needlessly exposing the Capitol complex to one of the worst security risks since 9/11.”

The New York senator claimed that the 44,000 hours of footage is a “treasure trove of closely held information about how the Capitol complex is protected and its public release would compromise the safety of the Legislative Branch and allow those who want to commit another attack to learn how Congress is safeguarded.”

Schumer also said that McCarthy did not have the right to endanger lawmakers and staff by releasing the footage. He believes that it will reveal the location of security cameras throughout the Capitol grounds. 

“It also risks exposing the carefully laid out and highly guarded plans for the continuity of government, intended to preserve our democracy in the event of an attack,” Schumer declared. 

McCarthy wrote a fundraising email to supporters in which he said he was following up on a campaign promise to release the footage. 

 “Patriot, you deserve the facts — all of the facts,” the email states. “I promised I would give you the truth regarding January 6th, and now I am delivering. I have released the full 44,000 hours of uncut camera surveillance footage.”

Schumer maintains that giving the footage to Fox News, it shows that this was a political stunt. 

“Speaker McCarthy laid bare that this sham is simply about pandering to MAGA election deniers, not the truth,” he said. “Tucker Carlson has no fidelity to the truth or facts and has used his platform to promote the Big Lie, distort reality, and espouse bogus conspiracy theories about January 6.” 

He continued: “If the past is any indication, Tucker Carlson will select only clips that he can use to twist the facts to sow doubt of what happened on January 6 and feed into the propaganda he’s already put on Fox News’ air.”