Beijing’s Latest Military Advancement Stokes WWIII Fears


While much of the world has been focused on the atrocities being committed by Russia on the eastern edges of Europe, there is a new concern coming to light a little further into Asia, and it has much of the global community on edge.

China, who many believe may have been emboldened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, particularly as it pertains to Taiwan and the long, sordid history that the nations share.  Furthermore, any action taken against Taiwan will likely elicit a mighty response from the west.

This week, the deployment of the latest Chinese military hardware has some wondering if a global conflict isn’t right around the corner.

Beijing launched a new-generation aircraft carrier Friday, the first such ship to be both designed and built in China, in a milestone as it seeks to extend the range and power of its navy.

The Type 003 carrier christened Fujian left its drydock at a shipyard outside Shanghai in the morning and tied up at a nearby pier, state media reports said.

State broadcaster CCTV showed assembled navy personnel standing beneath the massive ship as water jets sprayed over its deck, multi-colored streamers flew and colorful smoke was released.

This wasn’t any old aircraft carrier, however.

Equipped with the latest weaponry and aircraft-launch technology, the Type 003 ship’s capabilities are thought to rival those of Western carriers, as Beijing seeks to turn its navy, already the world’s largest, into a multi-carrier force.

Should China decide to actually use the carrier, there is little doubt that the world would soon find itself very much involved in Beijing’s business…and in a hurry.