China Just Keeps Making Threats to the White House


Things just continue to escalate with China, and this week there was a new warning from the Chinese Communist Party that will certainly raise alarms in the White House.

No one knows if this will cause the president to take off the kid gloves he wears when dealing with this nation.

The Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang, who previously served as China’s ambassador to the United States, threatened in a press conference the relationship they have with the United States.

The White House had said that the desire of America was not to have “conflict” with the communist nation, but instead to have “strategic competition.”

But Qin said that Biden’s “competition” is “all-round containment and suppression, a zero-sum game.”

The foreign ministry went further saying that America “wants China not to respond in words or action when slandered or attacked,” an expectation Qin said “is just impossible.”

So once again China is raising its threats against the U.S. at a time when President Biden and his administration have largely failed to portray strength in its dealings with China.

“If the U.S. side does not put on the brakes and continues down the wrong path, no amount of guardrails can stop the derailment and rollover into confrontation and conflict,” the CCP’s number-two diplomat said.

Qin said Biden’s order to shoot down the CCP’s spy balloon was a violation of “the spirit of international law.”

In the past, Biden has accommodated China and tried to get Beijing to get Putin out of Ukraine. But even the Pentagon admitted that the move was a mistake.

Biden has repeatedly failed to accurately explain what the United States’ response would be to a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

All of these instances, along with Biden’s first disaster in the withdrawal from Afghanistan, keep projecting a picture of weakness from the White House.

That is why the CCP feels like they can keep making these kinds of threats against America.