CDC Revises Guidelines on Disinfectants After a Year of Scrubbing

With any novel pandemic, there is sure to be confusion.  We are often working against the clock, and different experts, (with slightly different expertise), will often inject their own focal points into the guidance they disseminate.

So, when the coronavirus crisis began to take hold here in the United States, we were suddenly facing a windfall of guidance, not all of which has remained cogent and correct.

For instance, in the case of using disinfectants en masse, it turns our that this may have been a massive bit of overkill. 

If you are still stocking up on disinfectant wipes for your home, you may not need to do so anymore. The CDC has released new guidelines on what’s needed to get rid of coronavirus on surfaces.

Now that more research has been done, the CDC says plain soap and water is enough to clean most household surfaces

In the beginning of the pandemic, people were going so far as wiping down groceries with disinfectant. The wipes became difficult to find and stores limited how many you could buy.

But new guidance based on the latest research shows the risk of being infected by a contaminated surface is low.