Carville OBLITERATES His Own Democratic Party in PROFANE Rant


The early stages of 2022 have been a tough time for Democrats, and it’s still getting worse.

First and foremost, there is the very real concern regarding the ability and willingness of the Biden administration.  For months now, Sleepy Joe and VP Kamala Harris have appeared to be unequivocally ineffective leaders with no real sense of duty to speak of.

Now, to make matters worse, the Democratic Party’s priorities are completely askew, particularly as it pertains to a number of coming Senate races.

This has longtime Dem strategist James Carville livid.

Speaking with Vox, Carville bemoaned Democrats raising eyepopping amounts of money for media darling candidates like Amy McGrath in Kentucky and Jaime Harrison in South Carolina in 2020, only for them both to lose by double-digits in the red states.

“They were always going to lose those races, but Democrats keep doing this stupid s—,” Carville said. “They’re too damn emotional. Democrats obsess over high-profile races they can’t win because that’s where all the attention is. We’re addicted to hopeless causes.

“What about the secretary of state in Wisconsin? Or the attorney general race in Michigan? How much money are Democrats and progressives around the country sending to those candidates? I’m telling you, if Democrats are worried about voting rights and election integrity, then these are the sorts of races they should support and volunteer for, because this is where the action is and this is where things will be decided.”

His profane rant continued.

“B—-ing about a Democratic senator in West Virginia is missing the damn plot,” he said, noting West Virginia has been one of the reddest states in the country in recent presidential elections.

Carville said he’d do everything in his power to re-elect Manchin in 2024 if he ran again.

“Six percent of adults in this country identify as ‘progressive.’ Only 11 or 12% of Democrats identify as progressive. So let’s just meet in the middle and say something like 7 or 8% of the country agrees with the progressive left,” he said. “This ain’t a g—amn debate anymore. Someone like Manchin is closer to the mainstream than a lot of these people think, and pretending like he isn’t won’t help the cause.”

This is far from the first time that Carville has been angry with the Democratic Party itself, and the frequency with which his fervor has been provoked has increased dramatically over the course of the last several years.