Carville Has NASTY Insult for ‘Crack Smoking’ MAGA Crowd


There is a bit of a vicious cycle beginning to churn in circles once again within our political-entertainment complex, and one of the Democrats’ most fervent and insulting cheerleaders is once again kicking up a storm of sensationalism.

You see, if you’re willing to go on TV and be outrageous, you’re good for ratings.  And if you’re good for ratings, even if it’s because you’re being an inconsolable jerk, the mainstream media is going to continue to keep dipping their pen into that well.

Such is the case with Democratic strategist James Carville, (the “Ragin’ Cajun”), who has made a career out of 8 minute appearances on afternoon news shows aimed at liberals.

This week, the outspoken leftist took his shtick to a whole new level, insulting the MAGA crowd and accusing them of drug use.

This time, Carville was visiting MSNBC when he made the insane exclamation.

Monday on the Senate floor, Sen. Chuck Schumer said, “I say to my Republican colleagues, embracing the MAGA way of divisiveness, nastiness, negativity without constructive compromise, that’s how Donald Trump wanted it. Some of our colleagues follow him. That will be a disaster. That will be wrong. It will be bad for America, but it will also be bad for the Republican Party because these elections have shown that the MAGA Republican way is not where the American people want to be.”

His words were unmistakable.

Carville said, “There’s no danger that they’ll take this advice. I think Senator Schumer knows it. MAGA still runs the Republican Party. That’s who they are. They’re not going to change. They have everything invested in this. They’ll say, look, we barely lost because we weren’t MAGA enough. We tried to run some of these squishy candidates. Of course, that is not true, but that’s what they’re going to tell themselves. They can’t get off it. They are on the crack. You just watch. There’s all this, ‘Oh no, wait a minute – we’re going get the Republican Party back, and we’re going to have George H.W. Bush.’ No, you’re not. It’s gone, bye-bye. MAGA is running the show. I expect they will run the show for the foreseeable future.”

The irony was not lost on many, however, given that it has only been a matter of weeks since a rather risqué tranche of videos were leaked from First Son Hunter Biden’s iCloud account, in which the President’s offspring could be seen arguing with a prostitute about just how much crack cocaine he had available in his hotel room.