Carolina Residents Panic After Masked Creep Caught on Doorbell Cameras

For some, the idea of having a doorbell camera is comforting.  They believe that, should some sort of unfortunate even occur, the evidence that they gather on the device could and should save them from the cost of culpability.

But there are others, your author included, who worry that sign such a device wold merely pile onto the paranoia.  Every moment of video would be pored over, and every rustling leaf and stray cat would be cause for concern.

In South Carolina this week, a terrifying situation is unfolding in which neighborhood security cameras have caught some spectacular footage.

A character straight out of a horror movie is terrifying people in one South Carolina neighborhood — and now police say they are launching an official investigation into the “suspicious activity.”

The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office shared a creepy surveillance photo of its suspect Tuesday, fueling social media talk of The Slender Man, a supernatural character known for having a blank white face.

Like the Slender Man, the image shows someone in a mask with no facial features — other than holes for eyes and nostrils.

Photos from the incident were spreading via social media this week.

One can only hope that this incident resolves itself without any violence or bloodshed.