California Authorities Discover FAKE Ballot Boxes, Order Them to be Removed!

There are plenty of fears about what is coming down the pike for America in the next several week, as tensions surrounding the 2020 election continue to rise.

This is an emotional affair, with the mainstream media pushing our people to the brink of rage each and every day.  When the dam finally breaks, and all of our angst is sent out to flood the world, there is no telling what we’re capable of.

And, to make matters worse, the unscrupulous political ruling class is openly working against the will of the people by looking to sway, suppress, or steal the vote.

California officials have ordered the removal of unauthorized ballot drop boxes set up by Republicans in three Golden State counties.

“These unauthorized drop boxes are a disservice to state and local election administrators who have spent months working on the placement and deployment of official ballot drop boxes,” California Secretary of State Alex Padilla said in a news conference Monday, according to CNN.

Padilla said that images show the boxes are labeled as “official.” His office has issued a cease-and-desist order for their removal.

Members of the California GOP claimed that the boxes were perfectly legal, but authorities in The Golden State weren’t having it.

“We hope that the message goes out loud and clear to anyone who is trying to improperly solicit, obtain, and manage a citizen’s vote that they are subject to prosecution,” State Attorney GeneralXavier Becerra (D) said. “I’m trying to be careful with how I say this, but the reports we are hearing are disturbing.”

The news comes with some irony, as the Republican Party has been busy warning the nation of the risks of possible voter fraud in 2020, thanks in no small part to the unique balloting circumstances prompted by the global coronavirus pandemic.