Burger King Facing Boycott


A fast food giant may be about to experience what has been deemed the “Bud Light Treatment.”

Years ago, actor/comedian Russell Brand was on drugs and unhappy. The former actor cleaned himself up, got off drugs, and became a force online during the pandemic.

Now, Brand is being accused of assaulting four women, including one that was underage.

Brand, who hasn’t been charged yet, lost his monetization on the YouTube platform when the accusations went viral; however, Rumble refused.

Burger King and HelloFresh and Asos recently pulled their ads from Rumble after they refused to demonetize Brand.

Burger King hasn’t publically commented on why they pulled their ads. However, they have been put on blast online.

Burger King has pulled its ads from Rumble because the free speech platform refuses to play judge, jury, and executioner of Russell Brand after the UK Governor demanded the platform demonetize him,” fellow Rumble host Charlie Kirk tweeted on Sunday.

“Reminder, Brand has not been convicted of a single crime. Boycott @BurgerKing. They hate free speech and due process, and their food is poison anyway. Stop eating it,” Kirk added.

Users piled on, saying that it was “Time to BUD-LIGHT BURGER KING!”

Brand has vehemently denied the allegations and said the “corporatist state and global media” is going after him.

The attack on Brand is very similar to what happened to Fabian Marta, a big backer behind the movie, “The Sound Of Freedom.”

Media outlets had a field day when Fabian was arrested on kidnapping charges after the movie took Disney to the cleaners.

However, a St. Louis grand jury and the State of Missouri found no evidence that a crime had been committed.

“Now comes the State of Missouri and enters a memorandum of Nolle Prosequi in the above-styled cause for the reason that this matter has been presented to the St. Louis Circuit Court Grand Jury and the State has insufficient evidence to obtain a conviction,” reads a memorandum on the recently closed case.

It’s funny you don’t hear the media talk about the fact the case was dropped.

Whatever the deal is with Brand remains to be seen however, it’s dubious that he’s being tried in the court of public opinion before being formally charged.